Detailed location intelligence for the entire value chain

At every point in the energy value chain, your role requires the insightful use of data, the mitigation of risk and an integrated approach to operational management.

In this dynamic and complex operational context, you can’t underestimate the strategic importance of truly understanding the role location plays – it’s one of the few constants involved across the entire asset lifecycle.

EagleView enables that understanding, whether you’re creating value through the acquisition and development of prospects, preserving value through the construction and maintenance of those assets, or unlocking value by enabling the efficient and safe exploitation of those assets.

Common applications in the Energy sector

  • Generate exploration insights by supplementing geotechnical data with high resolution, accurate and up to date geospatial imagery and data.
  • Improve operational efficiency across vast networks of production, transmission and refining infrastructure assets.
  • Maintain productive stakeholder relationships through the use of geospatial imagery and data as a platform for engagement.
  • Provide up to date, detailed locational context to underpin a common operating picture across the business.
  • Enhance your ability to demonstrate compliance with health, safety and environmental obligations.

How EagleView can help

EagleView helps energy businesses get a detailed and accurate view of current conditions across their asset network, slashing the time they spend on-site and saving them money.

Within days of capture, energy customers see fresh EagleView imagery in their browser or streamed into their mapping software, giving them the insight they need to decide and act fast.

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