Monitor, measure and act to preserve our world

As the impact of human development on the natural world intensifies, we’re facing short-term crises and long-term climate change that may be impossible to unwind.

As an environmental management professional, you need current, accurate geospatial imagery and data to observe sensitive ecosystems, but it’s the ability to see how those areas of concern are changing that really drives effective environmental decision making.

With the capability to simultaneously capture detailed datasets and deliver them to your desktop just days later, EagleView offers a unique and powerful weapon in the fight for our planet’s future.

Common applications in the Environment sector

  • Monitor the latest impacts of human development on sensitive ecosystems and map the evolution of this impact over time.
  • Observe the progress of climate change across vast areas as each updated dataset is captured and rapidly published.
  • Assess the compliance of environmental actors, reporting your findings with a time series of detailed geospatial imagery and data.
  • Inform policy development with evidence of on-the-ground environmental challenges.

How EagleView can help

EagleView helps environmental management professionals get a detailed and accurate view of current conditions on the ground, dramatically reducing the need to be on-site and saving them money.

Within days of capture, environmental management customers see fresh EagleView imagery in their browser or streamed into their mapping software, giving them the insight they need to decide and act fast.

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