Transform the way your agency sees and serves your community

Today’s public sector is focussed on prioritising shrinking budgets to meet the rising expectations of citizens and governments. Agencies of the future will need to respond to the challenge of digital transformation to become faster, leaner, more productive, more innovative and more collaborative.

To get there, you’ll need to understand and serve your customers by embracing new technologies, leveraging data and innovating the way public services are delivered.

With EagleView’s geospatial imagery and data, you’ll be able to drive that change from your desktop, armed with an unprecedented understanding of your community.

Common applications in the Government sector

  • Monitor the changing community to more responsively plan and deliver services.
  • Deliver more efficient and informed customer service.
  • Manage assets right across the life cycle.
  • Consult, collaborate and report to stakeholders in your community, industry, agency and portfolio.
  • Manage contracts with service providers more efficiently.

How EagleView can help

EagleView helps government agencies get a detailed and accurate view of current conditions on the ground, slashing the time they spend on-site and saving them money.

Within days of capture, public sector customers see fresh EagleView imagery in their browser or streamed into their mapping software, giving them the insight they need to decide and act fast.

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