New tools for the new reality of retail

You’re seeing rapid, lasting disruption in retail, driven by consumers’ growing desire to research online before they purchase wherever and whenever they want. This multichannel behaviour is forcing retailers to consider new ways of connecting the online and offline experience, and new tools to help them understand demand and meet expectations.

Whether you’re tracking customer demand by ‘following the rooftops’ or redesigning your entire supply chain around new distribution hubs, with EagleView’s detailed and current geospatial imagery and data, you will have the insights you need at your fingertips.

Common applications in the Retail sector

  • Use frequently updated imagery to identify locations for new stores and distribution centres and optimise supply chains to connect them with your customers.
  • Manage the security, maintenance and landscaping of large retail facilities efficiently with detailed geospatial imagery and data.
  • Optimise your multichannel strategy by leveraging EagleView to provide a digital customer experience that reflects the location and appearance of your physical stores.

How EagleView can help

EagleView helps retail businesses get a detailed and accurate view of current conditions on the ground, slashing the time they spend on-site and saving them money.

Within days of capture, retail customers see fresh EagleView imagery in their browser or streamed into their mapping software, giving them the insight they need to decide and act fast.

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