Transport & Logistics

Optimise operational efficiency and deliver for your customers

In an industry where technological innovation is changing the game, your customers and citizens demand efficient transport services and systems. So whether you’re the disruptor or the disrupted, you need to deliver for them today, better than you did yesterday… and be ready to improve again tomorrow.

With EagleView geospatial imagery and data products, you’ll be able to power your transport and logistics operations with the real-world locational intelligence you need to reduce costs, improve services and remain competitive.

Common applications in the Transport & Logistics sector

  • Enable informed decision making by actors right across the supply chain.
  • Drive improvements to customer interfaces, communication and satisfaction with real-world imagery.
  • Optimise routing and reduce costs by using the most current, detailed imagery available.
  • Efficiently and accurately design, construct and operate dynamic and intelligent road, rail, air and marine transport systems.

How EagleView can help

EagleView helps transport and logistics businesses get a detailed and accurate view of current conditions on the ground, slashing the time they spend on-site and saving them money.

Within days of capture, transport and logistics customers see fresh EagleView imagery in their browser or streamed into their mapping software, giving them the insight they need to decide and act fast.

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