Designed for organisations that use corporate GIS or CAD applications. OrthoConnect links our servers to your network with web services, making it easy to equip all your employees with our detailed, accurate aerial imagery.

No data caps

Use as much data as you need and never worry about unexpected costs or access limitations.

Flexible solutions

One size doesn’t fit all. We tailor OrthoConnect to fit your business.

Unrivaled value for money

Unleash a new way of working, from just $66 per month.

High resolution, accurate imagery

Power decision-making right across your business with the most detailed and affordable imagery subscription solution for Australian enterprises. With stunning resolution and positional accuracy you can depend on, EagleView imagery is the difference between guessing and knowing that gives your business the edge.

Integrate with your GIS & CAD apps

Connect your existing GIS and CAD applications to our super-fast Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) and Web Map Service (WMS) so you can easily deploy EagleView imagery right across the enterprise.

Maintain a permanent audit trail

We’re all about a fair deal, so if you decide not to renew your OrthoConnect license, we won’t make you compromise your audit trail by destroying, deleting or returning any copies of our imagery you’ve made. Now that’s fair.

Personal service, backed by experts

Backed by more than 200 years’ worth of collective experience in the spatial industry, you’ll get personal attention from one of our experts.

OrthoConnect lets us focus on making the right decisions instead of spending so much time getting to and from key sites, which is saving the City a lot of time. We chose OrthoConnect because our staff need to access imagery inside our ESRI Portal web apps and desktop products. It‘s been a good decision for the City.

Rod Woodford, Manager Geographic Services, City of Bayswater

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