Easy access to stunningly detailed aerial imagery on any device with a web browser. See how your projects, opportunities and customers are changing, no matter where you are.

No data caps

Use as much data as you need and never worry about unexpected costs or access limitations.

No lock-in contract

Your choice of a monthly or annual subscription gives you complete flexibility.

Unrivaled value for money

Unleash a new way of working, from just $66 per month.

High resolution, accurate imagery

Start saving money, making better decisions and growing your business using the most detailed and affordable imagery subscription service in Australia. With stunning clarity and with positional accuracy you can depend on, SiteView is the difference between guessing and knowing that gives your business the edge.

See everywhere, decide anywhere

Whether you’re in the office, out in the field, or anywhere in between, you’ll have a crystal-clear view of your world, enabling consistent, accurate decision making. Whether you’re using your desktop, tablet, or phone, SiteView gives you instant perspective on the places that matter to you.

Easy to use web-based map viewer

If you’ve ever used online maps, you can use SiteView! All you need is a web browser and 60 seconds to get started with SiteView – no training, specialist software or IT support required.

Measure lines and areas

With easy to use drawing tools, you can accurately measure the distance of lines and areas from the convenience of your device – without ever having to go on site.

Save imagery straight from your browser

Export very high resolution imagery to bring quotations, presentations and documents to life. With the option to attach geo-referencing, you can easily bring EagleView imagery into mapping or design applications.

Personal service, backed by experts

Backed by more than 200 years’ worth of collective experience in the spatial industry, you’ll get personal attention from one of our experts – no matter your plan, sector or size.

SiteView is easy to use, up-to-date and high resolution. No data limits and certainty around pricing means we’re not afraid to use SiteView whenever we need to. It saves us time and money.

Clinton Bick, Estimating Manager, RJV

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