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OrthoFlex provides the ultimate in capability and accessibility. Access detailed and accurate aerial imagery on any device with a web browser. Plus, integrate imagery into your GIS and CAD apps with web services. OrthoFlex gives you the flexibility of access from your desktop, onsite, or anywhere in between.

  • No Data Caps
  • Very High Resolution
  • Personal Service
  • Regular Updates
  • Value For Money 

High resolution, accurate imagery

As a mapping and design specialist, sourcing clear, accurate imagery is a fundamental element of your workflow. OrthoFlex delivers imagery from a stunning 5cm resolution and positional accuracy you can depend on, with the flexibility of access from any web-enabled device or streamed directly into your GIS and CAD applications. Start saving money and making better decisions using the most detailed imagery subscription service in Australia.

EagleView imagery displayed in a laptop EagleView imagery displayed in a mobile device

See everywhere, decide anywhere

Specialists like you work with GIS or CAD apps every day, but when they are out of your reach, rely on OrthoFlex to also deliver EagleView imagery to any device with a web browser. Whether you’re on a tablet in the field, on your desktop machine or checking your phone between meetings, you’ll have a crystal-clear view of your world, enabling consistent, accurate decision making.

Image showing EagleView imagery as a base layer
Image showing a data layer appearing over EagleView imagery

Integrate with your GIS & CAD apps

Connect the GIS and CAD applications you already use to our super-fast Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) and Web Map Service (WMS) so that the technical advice you provide is powered by EagleView imagery.


Save georeferenced imagery straight from your browser

Bring EagleView imagery out of your browser and into your mapping or design applications. With OrthoFlex, you can export imagery in your choice of projection, file format and resolution.

Image showing a folder on a computer
EagleView imagery of a mine site EagleView imagery of a construction site EagleView imagery of soakwells EagleView imagery of rural farms EagleView imagery of an industrial building with solar panels

Keep your exported imagery forever

We’re all about a fair deal, so if you decide not to renew your OrthoFlex license, we won’t make you compromise your audit trail by destroying, deleting or returning any copies of our imagery you’ve made. Now that’s fair.


Measure lines and areas

Our easy to use tools enable the accurate measurements you're used to from mapping and design apps, from the convenience of your device - and without ever having to go on site.


Personal service, backed by experts

Backed by more than 200 years’ worth of collective experience in the spatial industry, you’ll get personal attention from one of our experts.


Save time & money with EagleView

We regularly publish high resolution aerial imagery at unmatched value for money. Try our Business Case Calculator to see how we can save you money and help you make better decisions.

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OrthoFlex Features

  • No data caps

    Use as much imagery as you need and never worry about unexpected costs or access limitations.

  • Flexible solutions

    One size doesn’t fit all. We tailor OrthoFlex to fit your business.

  • Unrivalled value for money

    Unleash a new way of working with aerial imagery that suits any toolkit or budget.

OrthoFlex: Equipping mapping and design specialists with the flexibility and insight they need to move your business forward

Combining the precision and clarity of legacy solutions, with the timeliness and convenience of cloud delivery, our uniquely affordable OrthoFlex product will help you to:


    Grow your business

    Identify opportunities, estimate accurately and bid with confidence.


    Decide quickly & act effectively

    Plan, monitor and report on how change is impacting your business.


    Slash unnecessary spending

    See what's on the ground without having to spend all your time on site.


    Collaborate & communicate

    Engage powerfully with a visual language that bring your story to life.


    Design & visualise

    Add real-world context to enhance your plans, designs and models.