Solutions for Enterprise

EagleView provide a range of aerial imagery solutions that add value to every team in your organisation.


High resolution, accurate imagery

Boost productivity and generate new insights using the most detailed imagery subscription service in Australia. With stunning resolution over entire cities and positional accuracy you can depend on, EagleView is the difference between guessing and knowing that gives your business a competitive edge.

EagleView imagery displayed in a laptop EagleView imagery displayed in a mobile device

See everywhere, decide anywhere

Putting the right information in the hands of all your staff, wherever they're working, can be challenging at enterprise scale... but EagleView makes it easy. Whether your people are in the office, onsite, or anywhere in between, EagleView gives them a crystal-clear view of the world on any device with a web browser.

Image showing EagleView imagery as a base layer
Image showing a data layer appearing over EagleView imagery

Integrate with your GIS & CAD apps

Connect your existing GIS and CAD applications to our super-fast Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) and Web Map Service (WMS) so you can easily deploy EagleView imagery across all teams in your enterprise.

"We have found the resolution of EagleView imagery along with the frequency of updates to be of superior value than other products MNG has utilised. The imagery adds value to our business, service and clients alike. We have found working with EagleView to be extremely easy."

Steve Maughan, General Manager - Support Services, Risk and R&D, MNG START MY FREE TRIAL
Image showing web-based map viewer

Easy to use web-based map viewer

EagleView puts a world-leading capability in the hands of teams right across your business. If they have a web browser and they've used online maps before, your people already know how to use EagleView! No specialist software, data storage or IT support required.


Measure lines and areas

Accurately measure the distance of lines and areas with easy to use drawing tools, all from your web browser. Spend less time on site and more time making the right decisions with EagleView.


Rapid delivery of bespoke imagery

If your enterprise operates outside of the capital cities and regional centres we capture, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. EagleView can tailor an affordable solution to your precise capture requirements. All we need from you is your preferred capture resolution, survey extent, deployment timeframe and update frequency.


Personal service, backed by experts

With more than 200 years’ worth of collective experience in the spatial industry, our team have solved problems for enterprises of all kinds. EagleView gives your teams the personal attention they need to stay productive.

Enterprise Features

  • No data caps

    Use as much data as you need and never worry about unexpected costs or access limitations.

  • Flexible solutions

    One size doesn’t fit all. We tailor our products to fit your enterprise.

  • Unrivalled value for money

    Unleash a new way of working with aerial imagery that’s budget friendly, even at enterprise scale.


Save time & money with EagleView

We regularly publish high resolution aerial imagery at unmatched value for money. Try our Business Case Calculator to see how we can save you money and help you make better decisions.

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